A Note About Shipping

We base our business on the sale of our products, not on shipping and handling charges. We make every effort to ship our products to you for the lowest possible price.

Due to the variety of sizes and weights of the products we offer, the combinations of products you may order, and the complexities of shipping to varied locations, we are unable to automatically determine your lowest possible shipping charge at the time you place your order. For example, if you order a small lightweight item along with a large item, we may be able to pack the small item with the larger item, resulting in virtually no shipping charge for the small item, or we can pack several items in a single flat rate box rather then charging a separate shipping fee for each item. We always pass the savings on to you.

At your request we can hold off on charging your credit card and shipping your order until you have approved the shipping charge. Simply enter “Shipping charge confirmation requested” into the "Message or Special Requests" section on the cart when you place your order. Be sure to accurately enter your e-mail address in the cart so we can get back to you with this information.

If you request that your order be received by a specific date in the "message or special requests" space on the cart, we will make every effort to accommodate that request.

Thanks for your support!

Ron Shemanski